Rules for Discussing a Text!

  • Be ready to discuss:
    • Have your text
    • Questions thoroughly answered and studied

      I don't want to hear about anyone being disrespectful... not even this much.
      I don’t want to hear about anyone being disrespectful… not even this much.
    • iPad
  • Listen
  • No excuses. You must have completed the discussion guide!  You can’t participate in the group if you did not do your preparation for the discussion.
  • Stick to the topic. Please refrain from “side conversations.”
  • Be respectful of what others say
  • Always be appropriate
  • It’s okay to laugh and have fun, but stay focused on task at hand!
  • Everyone NEEDS to discuss! Go deeper!  Piggyback off what one person says.
    • “What made you come up with that idea?”
    • “Why do you think that?”
    • Try to stick away from discussing questions which have a “yes” or “no” for a response. How can you have a discussion on that?!
    • When you disagree with someone you can say “I don’t think I agree with you because…..” or “That’s strange, I thought it meant….”
  • The whole purpose of discussing text is to come up with new ideas, clarify confusion, and enjoy reading!

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