Thin vs. Thick Question

                Thin Questions:                  Thick Questions:


-Boring -Open-ended questions
-Basic recall question -More than one response
-Do not show creativity in thinking -Perfect for class discussions
-Typically one answer is available -Higher-order thinking
-Doesn’t lead into class discussions -Shows creativity in thinking
-Found directly in the text -Answers are not found in the text
         Thin Question Starters:       Thick Question Starters:


When…. (did Dill and Scout meet?) What might happen if…. Mrs. McCabe goes into labor during 2nd period English?  Explain.
Who…. (do the kids spy on in TKAM?) Why do you think… the kids are so fascinated with Boo Radley?
Where…. (do you go to school?) How would you feel if… you were the one being made fun of like Boo was?  Explain….
What… (is your snapchat name?) What do you think… would happen if Paolo was in charge of the class?
What would you have done if… you were a jury in Tom Robinson’s trial? Explain.
What do you think… the author meant by……. Explain.

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